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TELEPHONE / DATA POINTS Prime Security Systems also offers a complete selection of data connection accessories, including RJ45 sockets and outlets, Patch Cords, Patch Panels, Cabinets and Ethernet Switches, all coupled to and carried across the latest in networking cabling. Every Adelaide installation carried out by Prime Security Systems is clearly labeled, tested and handed over to the network manager with a detailed floor-plan indicating each point. A correctly installed, labeled and tested network system allows the network manager to manage the system with ease. By simply plugging or unplugging patch leads across the patch panels, network managers can easily redirect data paths, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the installed cables. The infrastructure of network data cabling can easily be used to support telephones and telephone systems. We can install a fuly integrated network cabling system, which will allow data and telephones to be carried across the same network cabling. This allows the network manager to redirect telephone extensions in the same manner as redirecting data paths. This eliminates the need to call out a telephone technician to physically relocate extensions. In the long term this saves both time and money. Prime Security Systems Adelaide ,can supply and install telephone cabling no matter how large or small the job. Be it a basic single modem or telephone point, PABX extension points or even a voip telephone system, our technicians have the expertise to carry out this variety of work and are registered with the Australian Communications Authority to ensure that all work carried out is in accordance with the Australian Standards.

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