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24-Hour Central Station Monitoring Service

How Does It Work?

Your alarm system is connected to your existing telephone service. When your alarm is activated, the alarm panel automatically seizes the telephone line. This is a an added precaution that Prime Security Systems installs on every Adelaide monitored alarm system. If you are on the phone, have the phone off the hook, your alarm signal will still go through to  our central station. The central station receives the signal and endeavour to call a contact list specified by you.

What Can We Do For You?

We can call to verify your alarm signal or, if you prefer, we can call the authorities first. Then our monitor calls your designated contacts until we reach someone. If an intruder forces you to call and cancel an alarm, use your stress code instead of your pass code. Our operators will tell you the alarm is canceled, then call the police and inform them of a stress situation. Only your pass code will cancel the calling sequence. Along with burglary, panic, hold-up, and fire alarms, we can monitor for medical emergencies, furnace failure, water detection and even page you if you have an alarm signal.

How Much Does This Cost?

Basic alarm monitoring starts at only $6.50 per week inc GST. Discounts are given for multiple accounts and when you compare these prices to the "National Companies," the savings really add up. Additonally, you can save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance because our systems are Insurance Company Approved. Check with your Insurance Agent about the substaintial discounts you may receive by having Prime Security Systems install and monitor your alarm system!

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