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Imagine a 'smart' home programmed to turn lights on and off automatically, water the garden, get the best out of home theatre systems and ability look after itself while your'e away. Anything is possible with a home automation system.

Prime Security Systems Adelaide can install a basic unit to enhance your home theatre, HI-FI, Imagine being able to sit down select the 'Movie' mode using the remote and transform your entire lounge room into the perfect environment for watching DVD's including automatically dimming lights to your favourite setting and starting the movie.

It is possible to control many different lights and other features by the simple touch of a button. A welcome scene could be programmed for the arrival of guests which could turn on the garden and pool lights, dim the interior lights while entry lights brighten and your favourite music is channelled to speakers throughout your home.

You'll love coming home to C-Bus. Call ahead on your mobile, from anywhere in the world, and select the programmed 'Welcome Home' mode.

C-Bus creates the perfect environment to come home to by turning on lights, air-conditioning and playing your favourite CD. C-Bus can detect sunrise and sunset to turn lights on and off and will even close your curtains automatically.

The large C-Bus range is extensive, incorporating many features and functions including touch sensitive LCD screens with infrared receivers, scene control units, stylish backlit switches and thermostats to control air conditioners.

To add further value and convenience to your home why not let Prime Security Systems install a total home networking system. Smart wiring is easy, convenient and affordable.
As most homes today have more than one computer, Clipsal's StarServe enables the entire home to share the e-mail and internet services as well the printer and telephone. Pay-TV, video and DVD are also linked to all the rooms in the house, avoiding the need to duplicate expensive equipment and have wire running across the floor.

Including a camera in your system will allow you to keep an eye on the children or see visitors at the front door by simply changing to a designated channel on any TV in the house.
By using the optional remote control and infrared sensors you can now control TV, DVD, VCR or camera's from anywhere in the house, even if the equipment is in another room.


These concepts can be applied to the office as well. Features include automatically turning off lights in areas that are not being utilized and turning them back on as soon as someone enters the room. By installing light level sensors brightness levels can be kept constant throughout the day. Impress clients during your next presentation by using a remote control to dim the lights, close the blinds and lower the screen, all without having to leave your seat. Don't delay - call Prime Security Systems for services ranging from design and consulting, to specialized lighting techniques and complete installations.  


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